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January 15, 2018
No Outrage Over Sanabria  
Next time you hear Mayor Bill de Blasio or NYPD Commissioner Jim O’Neill babbling about neighborhood policing, or that there were fewer than 300 homicides in NYC last year, someone might remind them of poor Mario Sanabria.

January 8, 2017
Too Much Irish?
Who or what is holding up Chief Terry Monahan’s promotion to Chief of Department?

January 1, 2018
The Mysteries of Crime
You’re going to hear a lot about crime this week as the mayor preens and revels in the city’s year-end statistics: how crimes in each of the major felony categories — murder, manslaughter, rape assault, robbery burglary, larceny — have fallen to record lows, lower even than last year’s record low.

December 25, 2017
On the Night Before Christmas ...
Fresh from his day trip to Iowa, Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to stroll down Fifth Avenue on the night before Christmas. Repeating what he’d told potential Iowa voters about his presidential ambitions, he said: “This is what I feel called to do.”

December 18, 2017
What They're Whispering at Police Plaza
The NYPD may or may not be the greatest police department in the world but it does have the greatest number of rumormongers.

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